Girls on Guard I & II (GOG) are a comprehensive risk reduction and personal safety course. This material is constantly being developed through Defend University’s “living curriculum” and represents the best tactics and game plan to avoid stranger assaults. GOG level II focuses on assaults from someone you know. The essentials can be taught in a GOG I or II seminar style (3 hours–either schedule or see the Pullman Parks and Recreation Activities). The full course of 8 hours is available to groups upon request only.

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Here is a sample of what to expect. Our Instructor is also versed in the Green Dot program and has 10+ years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experience (Note: including these videos on our page are not intended to generate a message of fear–personal safety training should be a personal values based decision not a fear based decision):

  1. Video in the NEWS (content may warrant parental supervision)
  2. Video philosophy behind where the curriculum starts

The Instructor Shane McFarland has been a Defend University Certified Girls on Guard level I and II Instructor since 2010. He has literally taught thousands of women in rural Africa to college campuses in Montana and Wasington. Shane is also a College Green Dot Instructor and worked as a Wellbeing Coordinator for Washington State University’s Health and Wellness Services. Currently he is pursuing a PhD in Prevention Science and developing a Prevention Science Without Borders organization. Mr. McFarland will sponsor a workshop in rural Africa for every workshop purchased here in the USA! Yes, your organization can request a letter or pictures (pending permissions) from the donated event.

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