Thank you for contacting Mantis Martial Arts LLC! We strive to provide a clean, safe, and inclusive training environment. Due to workload this e-mail is checked infrequently on Wednesdays. Please check our website (http://martialmantis.com/) for details and our Facebook page (Mantis Martial Arts – Pullman) for updates on holidays and events.


Answers to FAQ:


Where are you located?

  • 246 East Main Street


Best way to contact you Mantis?

  • Email (preferred): mantis.martial@gmail.com


Do I have to provide my own gear?

Yes. The gym has gear for you to use while trying out the academy. However, you will be required to purchase a GI for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and striking gear for Kickboxing. Please drop in to inquire about pricing. We have a really good deal for members.


Where are you located?

246 E Main Street (this is right downtown on the same block as Cafe Moro and The Daily Grind)


How much does it cost?

Price (free class trial):

Mantis Martial Arts LLC prices Fall 2016
Classes Cost Total (+tax & deposit fee for cash/check)
Monthly 4days / week (cash/check) $95.00 $100.00
Monthly 3 days / week (cash/check) $75.00 $80.00
Monthly 2days / week (cash/check) $55.00 $60.00
Pay with recurring billing                                                    (BEST DEAL)
Cost Total (+tax)
Monthly 4 days/week (student & recurring billing $85.00 $91.63
Monthly 3 days/week (student & recurring billing $65.00 $70.07
Monthly 2 days/week (student & recurring billing $45.00 $48.51
Other Services Total (+tax & deposit fee for cash/check)
Personal Training  
Massage $60/hr
Private Martial Arts Instruction Ask Instructor
Girls On Guard Seminar     (minimum 10 participants, 3hrs) $37.73

Please drop in for a timely response to your questions! We look forward to meeting you and sharing the mat!